A Marque for the Future

We have defined our future strategy and direction, and a key component of this strategy is the establishment of a strong, differentiated identity for Albatha.

The Albatha logo is an energetic and modern expression of who we are, what are our values, the way we work and our vision for the future.

Working together to create synergy, the individual components of the new Albatha logo blend to communicate a powerful message of collaboration, community and commitment to our people, our customers and society.

The "sphere icon" represents our world-class expertise and global outlook, communicating growth both regionally and internationally.

An array of colours represents our reach across many different industries and categories, also the diversity of our people and our skills. The colours are purposely transparent to express Albatha's transparency and business ethics. It shows our commitment to creating a free and open business culture built upon trust and honesty. The transparent layers blend the vibrant fresh colours fortifying the collaborative way in which the entire group works together, internally and with our partners, to build a strong community spirit.

The white space at the top of the Albatha "sphere icon" symbolizes our openness and readiness to welcome new regional and international partnerships, it communicates that we are always open to new opportunities, markets and possibilities. The two points at the apex of the Albatha "sphere icon" do not meet fully, this reflects our openness to listen & change and underpins our unwavering focus to deliver value for all Albatha stakeholders.

Our bespoke typeface for the Albatha logo. It is unique to us and is designed to anchor our identity by creating a unmovable solid foundation. The type and individual characters whilst solid and robust have soft curved characters that cue our friendly and approachable personality.

Logo rationale key words: