Ditra General Trading

Your Trusted Cleaning Partner

Ditra General Trading (DGT) is a full-service distributor of Albatha Home & Personal Care manufactured brands.

For over five decades, we have been committed to providing exceptional products and services to the UAE market, catering to the diverse needs of our valued customers. DGT has a deep understanding of the market, including emerging trends, consumer preferences, and regulatory requirements, allowing us to adapt our product portfolio and marketing strategies effectively.

We are focused on the distribution of a complete range of Home & Personal Care Products and our services cover supply chain, logistics, sales, and promotions with a robust distribution network giving a competitive advantage in terms of speed and reach. Our strong Sales and Marketing Team promotes products, generates demand, and increases sales through targeted advertising campaigns, offering competitive pricing promotions, merchandising, trade marketing and key account management.

Our Products

DGT offers a diverse range of home and personal care products that allows us to cater to a wide customer base with different preferences and needs.


Taj laundry care products act strongly against stubborn stains whilst maintaining the fabric quality. We cover products ranging from top quality powder detergent to Fabric softener, Abaya cleaner & Gel detergents, compatible with both top and front-loading washing machines.


Taj offers multiple cleaning solutions to clean your surfaces, in a convenient format for diverse applications and contains refreshing fragrances like Rose, Lavender, Pine & Oudh. Our multipurpose cleaners are made to help you clean all surfaces easily and swiftly. Doing chores around the house just got easier!


Taj dishwashing liquid keeps your utensils & crockery clean & shining with a very refreshing lemon fragrance. We understand the need of our consumers, that's why we offer our dishwashing liquid in PET & PE bottles to keep the product refreshing till the last drop.


Taj cleans and reaches every corner of your toilet that needs your attention and keep toilet bowls sparkling clean with the power of bleach. Kills germs, effective on stains and leaves your toilet clean and shiny. With a wide dispensing nozzle, it delivers cleaning power even under the toilet bowl rim.


Is your home overrun by creepy insects? Let Super Strike, strike them out. Our fast & effective formulation kills most kinds of insects from crawling to flying. It comes in different sizes and nozzles to reach places where normal insecticides struggle.


Please your home atmosphere through a wide range of our brilliant air fresheners. Shatha air freshener provides a convenient and simple solution for enhancing your ambiance of indoor spaces and making them more enjoyable and inviting through the introduction of pleasant scents like Fusion, Rain Water, Elegance, Floral, Jasmine, Lavender & Oudh.


Our high quality of bleach provides extra brightness to your clothes. Due to its high cleaning quality, it can be used for cleaning surfaces as well.

Our Channels

DGT is structured with a dedicated expert team to fully cover UAE geography and manage all Sales Channels including Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, Wholesale, E-Commerce and Institutional Segments.

DGT runs SAP and integrates digital technologies to streamline our operations, provide advanced inventory tracking systems and utilizes software for order processing to minimize stockouts, reduce carrying costs, ensure timely product availability and provide insights into customer behavior and prevailing market trends.

Covering directly from the largest hypermarket to the smallest grocery to address diversified needs of our esteemed consumers as their privileged home cleaning partner.

Our Quality

QMS Certification

A quality management system (QMS) is defined as a formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives.

Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP certification not only gives manufacturers a strong reputation as a trustworthy and responsible facility, but it also shows that they produce their products at the highest level of quality possible.

Emirates Quality Mark

MOAIT monitors the application of standards and technical regulations and runs the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS). This program determines whether imports meet national or international standards for products.

Quick Contact

Corporate Office

P.O. Box 7400,
Level 22, Boulevard Plaza 1
Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 371 1300

Fax: +971 4 325 3687

A Marque for the Future

We have defined our future strategy and direction, and a key component of this strategy is the establishment of a strong, differentiated identity for Albatha.

Albatha logo is an energetic and modern expression of who we are, the way we work and our vision for the future.

Working together to create synergy, the individual components of the new Albatha logo blend to communicate a powerful message of collaboration, community and commitment to our people, our customers and society.

The "sphere icon" represents our world-class expertise and global outlook, communicating growth both regionally and internationally.

An array of colours represents our reach across many different industries and categories, also the diversity of our people and our skills. The colours are purposely transparent to express Albatha's transparency and business ethics. It shows our commitment to creating a free and open business culture built upon trust and honesty.

The white space at the top of the Albatha "sphere icon" symbolizes our openness and readiness to welcome new regional and international partnerships, it communicates that we are always open to new opportunities, markets and possibilities.