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Frozen Foods

Global Food Industries (GFI) was established in Sharjah in 1992 as a value-added frozen food manufacturing unit.

Today, Global Food Industries is one of the leading companies in the market, producing three brands namely Al Areesh, Arctic Gold and Al Ameer. Its brands are distributed by Gulf International (an Albatha Consumer Group Company). GFI brands have a significant presence in other GCC and LEVANT countries, as well as exports to the UK, USA, Iraq, Maldives and Pakistan.

Operating according to the best industry practices, GFI Frozen Foods operates according to the benchmarked, local and international certifications, of ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP standards. Maintaining a culture of learning is equally important for GFI Management and regular training sessions ensures staff remain among the best qualified and most productive in the industry

Halal Products

Global Food Industries (GFI) guarantees and only supplies the highest quality halal products to its customers.

Extreme care is taken to ensure that all meat used in preparation of our products are Islamic slaughtered. In case of imported meat, GFI additionally sends its own auditors periodically to inspect the halal slaughtering process at the slaughter houses.

Production Unit

The Frozen Foods production unit in Sharjah is a dedicated facility, custom-built with equipments installed and commissioned from renowned international suppliers. The complete plant is divided into specific unit areas which include a Meat Processing Unit, Seafood Processing Unit, Temperature Controlled Warehouses (Raw materials and Finished goods) as well as Automated Processing and Packaging Lines.

Our Brands

Al Areesh

Al Areesh offers consumers premium quality and authentic taste in frozen foods that inspire trust. We use the finest ingredients and ensure quality control standards at every step of production. The meals are delicious and easy to prepare, offering Arabic, Indian and Persian specialities.

Arctic Gold

Arctic Gold offers beef, chicken and vegetarian meals. Arctic Gold gives consumers quality frozen foods for a quick, tasty and convenient meal. The range comprises various modern international recipes.

Al Ameer

Al Ameer combines optimum value with taste. Its range is designed to meet high consumer demands.

Research & Development and Quality Controls

Recognizing the importance of exceptional choice and taste, balanced with value that exceeds expectations, GFI Frozen Foods sources it raw materials from the world’s finest producers. The process is related to continual improvement on research and development on existing and new products (as per customers requirements), and quality controls established to ensure food safety guarantee that GFI products stay well ahead of its competitors.

Quick Contact

Corporate Office

P.O. Box 7400,
Level 22, Boulevard Plaza 1
Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 371 1300

Fax: +971 4 325 3687

A Marque for the Future

We have defined our future strategy and direction, and a key component of this strategy is the establishment of a strong, differentiated identity for Albatha.

Albatha logo is an energetic and modern expression of who we are, the way we work and our vision for the future.

Working together to create synergy, the individual components of the new Albatha logo blend to communicate a powerful message of collaboration, community and commitment to our people, our customers and society.

The "sphere icon" represents our world-class expertise and global outlook, communicating growth both regionally and internationally.

An array of colours represents our reach across many different industries and categories, also the diversity of our people and our skills. The colours are purposely transparent to express Albatha's transparency and business ethics. It shows our commitment to creating a free and open business culture built upon trust and honesty.

The white space at the top of the Albatha "sphere icon" symbolizes our openness and readiness to welcome new regional and international partnerships, it communicates that we are always open to new opportunities, markets and possibilities.