Contract Manufacturing

Based in the UAE, Scitra is the GCC's market-leading contract manufacturer of home, personal care products and OTC medical products. Our company was established as a professional manufacturing unit over 30 years ago and has undergone a major transition from a powder detergent manufacturer to an advanced technology, multi-process contract manufacturer for leading brand owners.

Based on international best practices, Scitra is committed to constant improvement with a relentless focus on developing products, processes and people, striving to meet the expectations of the most progressive global clients.

Our Business

Scitra was initially founded as a small detergent plant, with a unique vision to produce high quality products 'in the region, for the region'. Today, detergent powder manufacturing is still one of the core activities. Additionally, Scitra now operates four other high-tech, multi-process plants: bar soap production, personal care liquids, home care liquids and aerosols. Scitra was recognized in 2016 for being the Best Export Company by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and the most innovative and most environmentally sensitive company by the British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association.

Scitra works with brand owners early in the product development process, helping to streamline manufacturing processes and create cost effective manufacturing solutions. This allows clients to spend vital resources on brand development and marketing, while avoiding the prohibitive costs and logistics of importing from abroad.

Our Technologies

  • Detergent
  • Soap
  • Aerosol
  • PC Liquid
  • HC Liquid
Our Capabilities

Scitra has manufacturing facilities in the UAE and Egypt. The group has broad capability in powdered and liquid detergents, bar Soaps, liquid gel and paste personal care products, aerosol filling and various specialty powder products. Scitra is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration for production of over–the–counter drugs.

Supply chain management

Scitra was one of the first launches of the SAP in the region. Our advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enables the electronic receipt of customer orders directly into our system, enables the correct ordering of raw and pack materials and allows Scitra to reliably achieve up to 99.8% on-time-in-full product delivery.


Scitra focuses on producing zero defect, flawless quality products. The company is certified to the global current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) ISO 22716 standard. Also the company has been certified by the Emirates Standards and Measures Authority (ESMA), the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) and is regularly quality audited by our Brand Partners. The result is a high quality standard.

People and environment

By creating a safe working behavior and attitude culture, Scitra ensures the wellbeing of its people and the environment. To safe guard the plant reduces, reuse and recycle programs are in place. To understand and reduce our impact on the environment we have initiated a carbon foot print baseline project. Once established the company will move to reduce the carbon footprint emissions. Also, to ensure the company treats its workers well, ethical audits are performed yearly. This includes direct third party interaction with our employees.

Our Partners

Scitra produces some of the world's most respected brands in the home care, personal care and medical products market. Our partners look for comprehensive solutions for product development, supply chain sourcing, manufacturing and delivery.

Our partners then focus on the marketing of their products and achieve high growth and profitability.

Scitra Egypt

The most recent entrant into the contract manufacturing market in Egypt, Scitra has quickly earned the reputation as one of the highest quality manufacturers. The operations include Home Care, Personal Care, Baby and Feminine Hygiene and other fast moving consumer goods manufacturing.

The customers for the new facility include the world's most respected companies from the US, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions. The company designs, commissions and accomplishes full service manufacturing with custom solutions that meet all regulatory requirements and customer product and process specifications.

The Egyptian operation is an extension of the UAE operation. The fully-owned site was purchased in 2016 and is supported by the 50-year-old Scitra operations in the UAE. The linkage between the operations ensures that the company delivers the service, established with half a century of experience, with predictability and consistency.

The operations meet the highest hygiene standards, including but not limited to, compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Quick Contact

Corporate Office

P.O. Box 7400,
Level 22, Boulevard Plaza 1
Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 371 1300

Fax: +971 4 325 3687

A Marque for the Future

We have defined our future strategy and direction, and a key component of this strategy is the establishment of a strong, differentiated identity for Albatha.

Albatha logo is an energetic and modern expression of who we are, the way we work and our vision for the future.

Working together to create synergy, the individual components of the new Albatha logo blend to communicate a powerful message of collaboration, community and commitment to our people, our customers and society.

The "sphere icon" represents our world-class expertise and global outlook, communicating growth both regionally and internationally.

An array of colours represents our reach across many different industries and categories, also the diversity of our people and our skills. The colours are purposely transparent to express Albatha's transparency and business ethics. It shows our commitment to creating a free and open business culture built upon trust and honesty.

The white space at the top of the Albatha "sphere icon" symbolizes our openness and readiness to welcome new regional and international partnerships, it communicates that we are always open to new opportunities, markets and possibilities.